Monday, October 31, 2011


For this year's 24 hour film our characters went clubbing to the song "Cartoon Heroes" by Aqua. We split the song into sections and proceeded to animate our bits. It's really fun even though it was ridiculously challenging for me. Because I was the only one out of my mind trying to animate a so-called hip hop dancer. That in the end never danced hip hop.

I really want to clean this up and fix the bunch of mistakes you would expect from a 24 hour animation. I'll totally show you the finished product once everyone's pieces get together.

My section:

I spent pretty much 4-5 hours watching videos of dancers. Partially because it was addictive watching them glide to the rhythm and partially because I was very confused by their steps and body movement.

I'm still confused.

Monday, October 24, 2011

New banner!

YES! I finally did it! :D

The story behind this... Well, I guess this one is officially the first completed drawing I did that's about my dreams. I had a dream that nasty bugs and gross slugs with too many hairs were attacking me, so I countered the attacks with clockwork toys. Including a large toucan.

Well of course this doesn't look like the story that I'm telling. It's just an inspiration. XD

Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh my desk, my desk

When just my mom thinks my desk can't get messier, there's no better way than amplifying that messy desk 10 times in your imagination. And draw it out.

I got some help for this one! Ahaha.

This is the real me-coloring. *headdesks*

Color keys, yay!