Friday, January 20, 2012

Deciphering Korra

lol (yes that's all I can say to begin an entry)

My friend was showing a (apparently leaked?) tidbit of the upcoming Avatar series. Homg. It looks awesome man. Even though I've never really watched Avatar before (you guys can smack me with a brick if you want). I'd prefer to watch the new series since it's going to be short, and I prefer it that way :)

Anyways, this also gives me an excuse have first shot at studying an action sequence. I've always wanted to know the magical secrets behind the excitement of fighting! I know it was going to be a challenge... but I never expected to spend so much time on this. I ended up nitpicking all the compositions while referencing the film in a badly deformed screen ratio, not really a good thing.

There are so many things I liked about that short sequence. It made my thumbnails look really awesome.

Right, I also didn't notice Korra is emerging from the window in the last shot when I did this. Most of the shots were rather easy to figure out, but that ONE bit, the shot with Korra tossing the guy... WHAT WAS THAT SORT OF TRICKERY?! I don't get it. Was it one continuous shot? If it was how did they manage to animate the guy turn around to smash the door? And how did the background change from swooshy-swoosh back into a normal street? It wasn't a screen wipe! I feel so dimwitted! ARG someone enlighten me!

Also, in the beginning I was planning to just draw the camera moves, but in the end I dropped it because... well... the template. Duh. But that made me draw so many more panels. Guh.

Anyways, can't wait for the new series!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Might as well!

I never put up my life drawing stuff. Ever. Because they're terrible and make me claw my face out. Life drawing has always been my weakest subject, but I'm making an exception today.

I was messing around with markers.

30 sec

1 Min

5 Mins

Also, this rather old pastel drawing of a horse I did during Royal Winter Fair. Instead of buying chutney, I blew my money off pepperoni and now my cupboard smells like... well, pepperoni.

Oh yeah, critiques. Please. I really need them.

Italy update again

And raging about my computer! My computer decided to restart behind my back and when I came back I realized it decided to close Photoshop along with all my unsaved drawings on it. ARG! What's worse, after it updated it's now running slower than ever! Curse you Microsoft Update! Curse you!!!

Anyways, I've never gotten myself to upload my sketchbook from Italy, but now I shall dump all my scribbles on my blog, yay!

Most of the things are self explanatory. We all glued whatever we could in our sketchbooks, so yeah, those are real gelato spoons. I regretted using a moleskine for this trip, the pages were too thick and too few. I later bought another one with the thinner pages during my trip because I ran out of pages (can be nicknamed volume 2 of my trip, haha). That sketchbook... well, I still have no idea where it is right now.

Also I should add how cozy our room was. Funnily enough, there were these really gorgeous white flower. By the time we left our apartment, the flowers are all gone and wilted. It's like the flowers are saying goodbye to us, but I guess also because it was nearing summer.

Anyways, I gotta go update more of my old stuff. :P