Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Portal Project

Wow, haven't updated in ages... anyways...

Me and my intern-in-arms Victoria Chiu (visit her here) are doing a little project involving a sketchbook and portals. It's pretty fun!

It's a bit like Sketchtravel. We pass a small sketchbook between each other and we cut a hole on each page. Then interpret an item being passed through.

So after a night of ink and origami paper, this is what I ended up with. I don't really have a name for this, but "Sugar Hills"?

Find: A golden sheep, 8 cookies, 2 cupcakes, and a teaspoon.

(I'm going to be the next I-Spy illustrator! Ha ha just kidding)

In case you're wondering, the portal is the trap door on the top left of the page. Yes, it opens!

(Isn't my cluttered desk fantastic?)

So what's on the other side of the trap door you say? That's for you to find out!