Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Fair

... which was like, what, last month? Anyways I had a great time there, frolicking and wasting money on goat cheese. Nibbling too many pretzels and crackers and making store owners angry because I can't make up my mind on what to buy. Then I eat some more of their pretzels. Ahaha, I'm heck of a peckish annoying student.

Of course, being pretty darn sucky at animal drawings, I just sat there rotting all day doodling and thinking what should I do with the goat cheeses and chutney I bought:

Okay, I lied. These are like studies. Takes like 15 minutes ish each.

And the occasional random colors for the fuzzy llamas. I am now fully aware that colored pieces attract people to come look and beam all over you even though the structure of the freaking creature is falling apart like avalanches.

Until next time, sweet dreams.

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