Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just a Reminder....

EDIT: Because someone can do math better than me. Thanks Aric!

Because animators can't do math, and I've gone through the trouble twice reworking the equation.... Because I'm very forgetful.

You know how BPM (beats per minute) is related with FPB (frames per beat)?

You know how some people don't bother and just use a darn chart for this? But you don't know how to calculate some specific beats and it's not on the chart?

And our teacher just gave us a ridiculously large equation if we wanted to give it a go?

Here's the actual equation:

FPS = FPB x BPM / 60

(frame/second) = (frame/beat) x (beat/minute) / (60 second/minute)

I'm not putting an example. Since it's changed But still.

My old equation was 1440 = FPB x BPM because that was tailored to my 24 FPS animations.

I have a feeling some animator out there isn't understanding this.

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  1. lol good for you Cass! I didn't understand it but I'm sure i'll be scrambling for this post for reference in the near future for my animations!! :D