Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So finally...

It's done! I may fix it or something but... I think it's alright for now.

The story of a cockroach running away from a fly swatter.

So many things have happened during the making of this that I don't really want to say anything about it =_=. No actually, I will. Somewhat. Like sleepless nights. And kicking myself many many times. And raging. And many more raging. Mainly the compositing part because After Effects hate me.

And, I'd like to talk about stress levels. You know how when people get stressed you'd eat more? Stuff yourself with ice cream? Then there's that level BEYOND that. The level where you're so stressed you don't even WANT to eat. Yeah.

The part I liked the most? The layout and the dust animation. The rest? Eh....

Anyways, here's the layout. I really wish I can paint details but... for some reason I can't let go of that large brush. And, it looks rather desaturated on my laptop, but it's supposed to be nice and brightly colored.

Who doesn't like rainbows?

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