Sunday, April 29, 2012

Group stuff, yay!

So blogger has some really weird template for posting... I'm so confused. Anyways as you know my absence for posting is pretty much because of our team making the film and it was crunch time 24/7. But now it's summer I can post some group stuff I did for our film:

1st scene: Totally went for the ambitiousness and took up this explosion thing... Went through like 5 different versions and in the end I had to pass up the smoke effects to Reina... Yay for incompetence X'D Pretty much did everything except for the smoke animation. So compositing and backgrounds and all.

2nd scene: Just the animation, colored and cleaned. Ran into some hurdles figuring out her body behind the chair... and how her hand is on a different level... and some funny legs going on down there.

3rd scene: Haha it's the BG from the first scene all reused and repainted. Did everything, yay! :'D And I don't know why it's 10 seconds long! Some After Effects or Premier mistake I probably ran into! :D

Well in the end, I guess I can sum it up as... fun? It was stressful, and personally I thought I could have done better... Like everything else I did. Well it wasn't exactly fun... was it? I don't know, it's like the feeling after you beat a really really really hard video game marathon. Including some hating on yourself.

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