Thursday, May 9, 2013

DIY stuff!

Well, now that film's done, I could do something else for a breather. I've always loved crafting things, and well, because I'm not that awesome at crafting, I tend to like buying kits to start. I like following instructions.

Zee first one I made is a rain doll. Woo needle felting! The story of how it went was... well. The kit didn't provide a felting needle. The instructions was also ridiculously vague. I had to look it up on Youtube. And then I realized I needed a felting needle. I thought I could do without one. I was very wrong. Spent 3 days stabbing a fluff ball with a pair of scissors.

So after buying a pack of felting needles, my mom requested me to make a Pikachu. Now, the kit only had three colors of wool. But luckily, while I bought the felting needles, I had the unfortunate impulse to buy more colored wool. The wool isn't the best in the world, so it came out hairy. Also that's a really odd request coming from my mom.

Unfortunately the pack of multicolored wool only had enough yellow to make a Pikachu of this size. It was slightly larger than a quail egg.

I also had a DIY kit to make a sewn bunny. I'm terrible at sewing. See that scarf? It's there for a reason.

Back to drawing! :'D

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