Friday, June 28, 2013

Lazy Update

So many things have happened in the last month. SO MANY. First off, I'm in Ottawa, far far away from what I called home. Lost in a city but not living quite in the center of the city that's full of bizarre bus routes. Might come down with a serious case of homesickness soon, but there's company that help me cope a bit.

Before I left Toronto, I did a few more felting projects. I did take pictures of them before, but now I have a new shiny phone I can sort of try it out. 

Here you have a souped up version of a rain doll, which is now a snowman. It comes with a jingle bell.

And a lovely Piplup, with a small stubby tail at the back.

Speaking of Ottawa I realize I blunder a lot. In the first two weeks I have already set off the smoke detector at 7 am, tried going into the wrong apartment (with the owner still inside and quizzically opening the door as I try desperately unlocking it), got on the wrong bus and instead of being half hour early ended up half hour late, overflowed soup in a pot TWICE, tried and failed miserably at eating an unripened avocado because I decided to put it in the fridge, and lost a sock.

Then there's all those teeny-tiny to not-so-teeny things that just summarizes me as a total klutz. Like forgetting my address while filling out important forms even when I was foretold to remember it and making double trips back to my apartment because I forgot my phone or laundry card.

One day I'll accidentally wear my clothes backwards. It's happened during high school before.

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